"Look at the Crucifix. That is Love."

Easter Morning - artist He Qi
I wasn't really "in the mood" for Easter. It's been a tough week. Eldest Son is still in the psych hospital, being diagnosed with schizophrenia. He'll be released soon, and we're not very hopeful that he'll stay on his meds and do his follow-up care, but...

I ended up (of course!) getting sick on Thursday - broke out in a rash, sore throat, fatigue. I'm sure my body was just saying "uncle!" and was telling me to rest, which I did, but I also missed the Tridiium liturgies. I was just snuggled in my recliner, drinking lots of liquids and praying.

It took an enormous amount of energy to get to Easter Sunday Mass with the Franciscans, but the liturgy was so beautiful. The priest gave such an amazing homily - I wished I could have recorded it.

Two things that really stuck in my mind. First, he said one of the great things about Catholic morality is that it is very clear: Is this action good? Is this action bad? Does it lead me (or the other) closer to holiness, or lead one of us further away from God? Does it produce life, or does it say no to life?

The other thing he said was that we need to look at the crucifix A LOT - we should have one in every room in our home (Dear Husband and I are working on this!). Why? Because whenever we doubt love, whenever we need to be reminded of love, all we need to do is contemplate the crucifix. That is Love.

It was a good Easter.

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