Walking With Christ Through Holy Week

In His great goodness, God decided to put a cross on my back and on my husband's and is allowing us to walk through Holy Week with His Son.

Eldest Son has not been doing well mentally. There were a number of us concerned about him, and we were talking about doing sort of an intervention to see if we could get him to agree to see a counselor.

And things just fell off a cliff.

Eldest Son started talking about stuff that didn't make any sense, bought a machete, was extremely paranoid....right off the cliff.

So I spent Monday getting a court order to put him on a 72 hour psych hold and then spent 7 hours in the ER with him until he could be evaluated and get a bed at the psych hospital.

When he wasn't spewing venom at me, he was saying completely nutty stuff. He is seriously mentally ill.

On top of this, we have Dark Haired Daughter, who is bipolar. She's doing fine, but there is always something to deal with.

Youngest Son is seriously depressed and in a ton of trouble with school, with the law, etc.

I'm dragging my cross, puny and light as it is, right behind Christ. I just keep praying that I'll be able to experience an Easter this year.


  1. Elise, I'm so sorry. I'll offer my participation at Mass today for you and for your family, especially ES and DHD. God bless you and keep you. Jocelyn

  2. Happy Easter to you and yours.


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