When was the last time you gave a gift?

I went to our diocesan women's retreat on Saturday. It focused on Mary. One thing the speaker focused on in the morning was how "surprise" and "gift" work together (we were reflecting on the Joyful Mysteries.)

Our speaker (the delightful Sr. Mary Timothy Prokes, FSE) said we've lost the power of "gift." We say to our family, "What do you want for your birthday?" rather than observing what that person might want or need and then surprising them. We make sure we get a gift receipt, so the trinket we picked up can be easily returned. We bury our children in gifts at holidays and birthdays, but rarely choose with great care. We are not thoughtful or observant in our gifts. We favor being expedient.

When was the last time you gave a true gift to someone? Who can you gift today? Who in  your life do you need to pay attention to? What gift is the best, the truest, the most honest expression of who you are, who they are, and what your relationship is?

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