Can something ugly produce something beautiful?

Those of you who know me and my blog know that I'm passionate about the topic of human trafficking. Thanks be to God, I have a platform in my career that I can use to educate and bring light to this terrible scourge. And of course, to me it's not academic: it's personal. We believe our Dark-haired daughter escaped from a trafficking situation 2 1/2 years ago.

Can beauty come from something so ugly? Of course. We know that the grace of God can redeem any situation. That doesn't mean human trafficking is good; it's evil. But God can move and breath and change and bright light to those involved and those who've survived.

My friend Amanda Vernon recently told me about an artist who's released an EP album based on the topic of human trafficking. "Oh, boy! Fun songs about human slavery!" Yeah, I know, it's hard to imagine beauty coming from this.

Kelsey Rottiers and the Rising Tide have released "Bear Hope" and it's really beautiful. Listen.

After you've listened, download the EP. 50% of the proceeds go to help survivors of human trafficking. And you get beauty. God's grace in art and music. See, it really works.

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