Monday Morning Musings

Curly-haired daughter created a new chalkboard for my laundry room re-do!
1. When you repaint a room, and you have a son who is 6'5", it goes so much more quickly when his help is enlisted!
2. Did you know Ozzy Osbourne can actually SING? Neither did I. Tallest Son and I were rocking out to Black Sabbath yesterday while painting. Son also pointed out that the bass lines in their songs were bluesy - and he was right. Who knew?
3. Dark-haired daughter went off to camp for this entire week! HUGE step for her! I'm so glad she decided to go; it was really brave of her. And I know this particular camp will not only envelop her in love, but enrich her faith as well.
4.It's here: Acton University! It's always enormous fun, and our staff gets the joy of meeting so many wonderful people who literally travel from all over the globe to join us. However, we're a small staff, and it's a very demanding week. A prayer or two for us would be so appreciated.
5. Enjoyed Father's Day yesterday with Dear Husband, but miss my dad so. Yesterday was also my dad's birthday, so it was bittersweet. I pray we'll be reunited in Heaven, and he's enjoying some great golf there!

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