Monday Morning Musings

1. Perfect weather. I know some people like their summers HOT, but I'm a fan of these mid-70s, low humidity days.
2. Celebrated our pastor's 10th anniversary to the priesthood yesterday. He is Vietnamese, and many of his family joined us for Mass and the party afterwards. Those ladies must have been cooking for DAYS...and every bite of it was appreciated. We had burger and brats, too - but I can eat those any time! Give me fried rice, spring rolls and sticky rice please!
3. Best part of the celebration yesterday: Father's nieces and nephews (who are all about 13 and under) played a beautiful traditional Vietnamese hymen (piano, trumpet, violins.) There was a group of Sister of St. Paul there, Vietnamese (they work with the large Vietnamese immigrants in the Grand Rapids area). About halfway through the hymn, the Sisters spontaneously began singing the hymn, and others joined in. It was lovely - pure moment of the Spirit!
4. What a weird week I have ahead: Youngest Son has a hearing (if he shows up...), I have to get a spinal shot, and then off to Chicago to visit friends, go to an Ale Fest and a Chicago Fire (soccer) game. Up, down, sideways and every which way. Time to gear up with prayer.

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