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Freakin' Friday Fun

Proud to be a Cafeteria Catholic: I've got news for you, honey. You're not. Catholic, that is.

"The MassExplained" app or Why I Have To Tell Patrick Madrid I Was Wrong

Cold, colder, coldest

Monday Morning Art Jam: Winter Edition

Praying for the Homeless

Freakin' Friday Fun: Welcome to Hell

Being Pro-Life...Especially When Things Are All Wrong

Failure and Hope

Monday Morning Art Jam: Behold the Lamb of God

Freakin' Friday Fun

In the passenger seat, with a blind driver

Is "re-gifting" a faux pas?

And now a word from our Holy Father...

Monday Morning Art Jam

Freakin' Friday Fun

Are you "fine" or not?

Out of control, and it's okay

And now a word from our Holy Father....

"They departed for their country by another way"

Monday Morning Art Jam: The Ephiphany

Freakin' Friday Fun

Steadfast Prayer