Just hangin' out

It Is Oh So Still - artist Fredrik Ahlstedt
I'm trying to remember when I had time to work. Honestly, I've been so busy!

Dear Husband and I spent the weekend Chicago-way to celebrate the birthday of a dear friend. She's a foodie, and we got to experience this incredible restaurant. (I had a goat cheese tart I refused to share.) We spent most of the weekend just hangin' out. And that was just fine.

I really have been busy. Dark-haired daughter just got a job, and we are navigating the early days. I've been chauffeur. And that is just fine.

The State of Michigan has wanted some of my time, re' unemployment. Actually, that was just fine: the lady that helped me today was very pleasant and helpful. Not what one expects from a government employee...

I'm helping a friend promote his book, Broken Mary, and his website. He is actually a former DJ, who was on a local rock station for many years; Dear Husband and I were big fans. Now, he's moved on (not necessarily willingly!) to a different role: helping to spread the word about Fatima and praying the Rosary. This is fine, fine, fine....

Spending the weekend with my hubby and friends helped clarify a few things for me. First and foremost: I have time. Just relax. Take time to be still. Pray. Enjoy.

Despite the fact that I truly have been busy all day, I took 40 minutes to sit on my deck and listen to music. Just hangin' out. Fine, fine, fine.

I'm just hangin' out.

My soul rests in God alone, from whom comes my salvation. Ps. 62:2

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