I'll just be over here...waiting...

Most people will tell you, I believe, that they are not patient. Certainly none of us likes waiting. Check out the folks in any urgent care center: Why haven't I been called? Hey, that guy came in after us!

Some of us are so impatient we pull out our phones at red lights, hoping to kill a few seconds.

And if one prays for patience (a dangerous prayer!), God will most certainly give one plenty of opportunities to grow in patience. 'Cause he's like that - more like a dad than a genie in a bottle.

We all know that patience is a virtue. We're happy to remind other people of this, but we certainly don't want to hear it when we have to wait.

I am no more patient than anyone else. I'm often more prepared: I'll bring a book or knitting if I know I'm going to be stuck in a waiting room for any length of time. But this doesn't make me more patient, just less bored.

I have now been without a job for just over 16 weeks. 115 days.

Oh, I've had interviews. I've had three second interviews. But no job.

I am convinced that God has a plan for me. (Can I get an "amen?") I just don't know what it is. So, I'm waiting.

Being patient. Very badly.


The Lord does not delay his promise, as some regard “delay,” but he is patient with you, not wishing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance. 2 Peter 3:9

Well, there's a message we don't want to hear. God is not delaying or denying an answer to our prayers or needs. No: he is PATIENT WITH US. He is happy to answer our prayers - when we are ready.

So, this whole "waiting on God" thing? It's much more about us - you and me - than about God. The answer to a prayer is right there, ready to be given to us by God - when we are ready.

Ugh. That means I need to do something. And that "something" is not to nag God: Why haven't you answered me yet? I've been waiting for so long! Aren't you supposed to answer prayers? Jesus said you won't give me a snake when I ask for an egg. He says, "Ask! The door will be opened!" Open the door, God!!

What an uncomfortable truth. (And aren't most truths uncomfortable?)

You know how we talk about the patience of Job? He wasn't patient; He was suffering! Miserable!

But he was faithful to God. He hoped and knew that in God's good and gracious timing, his suffering would diminish and his world restored. THAT is the something we are supposed to be doing while waiting for an answer to prayer. We hope. We are faithful. We trust in God's goodness.

I'm waiting. I'm trying to be faithful and patient. I am trying not to nag God by telling him, "Now! Now would be great!" I'm not very good at this yet, but he's giving me lots of opportunities to practice.


I'll just be over here. Waiting.

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