Does God Use Sketch Writers?

A scene from "Whose Line Is It Anyway?"
On TV's wildly funny and often naughty Whose Line Is It Anyway?," one of the popular improvisational skits is "people props," whereby two cast members become props in the skit and two audience members have to move them appropriately. And I'm using "appropriately" very advisedly. Very.

(I'm sure when all the folks standing in line for the audience are chatting pre-show, they assure each other that they're not only up for being chosen, they're gonna be hilARious. Neither of those things is true.)

The audience members are briefly given their instructions: the "props" can only more their arms and legs one at a time and only when the audience member taps them on the limb they want move. As you might imagine, this ends up with some very interesting walks. For the purpose of the skit, it's a humorous method of movement.

Yesterday, I mentioned that I'd stumbled off into the spiritual weeds as I said my morning prayers. I wasn't too worried about getting lost. After all, A) I've been lost before and survived B) God is with me and He is never lost. I am, however, curious.

What's next?

I haven't worked in two years, and I'm not sure I'll ever have a paying job again. My chronic pain makes my life, my availability pretty unpredictable at times. It makes planning hard. So, what is next? How will God use me?

Then I remember the guys on Whose Line, getting slapped on the legs, haltingly walking in circles. I'm expecting God to slap me on the leg, moving me in a certain direction, while making me abundantly clear what direction I'm moving in.

What's that you say? God doesn't use that same techniques as Hollywood sketch writers and performers? Frankly, it might explain a lot.

Actually, He just might.

God doesn't usually hand out a well-plotted map, highlighting great features along the way but with a destiny marked out in red-pen circles. God seems to be more subtle (if you can call 40 years in the desert subtle.) 

Here's the thing: I think He's just not ready to slap me in the leg yet to have me move in a certain direction. I think that when God believes me to be ready (and not a moment before, because that would cause me harm, and God could not - it goes against His very nature - cause me harm), he will tap my leg. He will make it abundantly clear what direction I should go in, because He knows I often don't get a clear signal, and off we'll go.

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